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Alpit Nordic is a companion worth trusting. Any customer can entrust us with the most demanding IT challenges being sure that everything functions. Our ability to see the large entities but not ignoring even the smallest technical details makes us a special partner. We bring the top notch technological expertise and smart solutions all across the customers organization giving a solid view of both the technological as well as the financial aspects. Choosing your IT partner has never been so easy!


Jukka Pohjonen

Advisor, Network

Phone: +358 50 462 5303

Email: jukka.pohjonen(at)

Niklas Boström

Advanced Solutions 

Phone: +358 40 011 4404

Email: niklas.bostrom(at) 

Elias Pekkala

Sales Director

Phone: +358 44 293 2586

Email: elias.pekkala(at)