Consultancy and Architectural Services

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Data Centers

Azure & Microsoft 365

Networks - Secure Roads to the highest Peaks

Alpit Nordic offers data network optimization and consulting to help you to optimize your network. We can identify and help you to correct any bottlenecks. Furthermore we can provide extensive network security improvements.

Our portfolio covers Maintenance, Management and Monitoring Services both natively using Juniper Mist technologies as well as multi vendor environments.

Data Centers - Our roots are deep in the Data Centers

We provide Data Center consultancy services for hyperconverged and traditional 3-tier infrastructures, VMware environments and backup and disaster recovery systems.

Our knowledge portfolio covers solutions by companies such as Dell Technologies, VMware and Zerto.

Alpit Nordic covers maintenance-, management- and monitoring solutions for on-premise data centers and Multi-Cloud environments.

Azure and Microsoft 365 - Your travel ticket to the clouds

We can provide licensing and consultancy services for M365.  We have competency also for security and complex migration services.

We offer Azure services for Mid to Large sized customers. Especially Azure environments spanning over multiple cloud providers are part our core competence.

We also offer consultancy services for Azure Compute related services.