Our vision of the World

Our environment is growing more and more sophisticated. The IT workloads are being distributed along a number of different platforms. To manage, to maintain and to supervise the IT systems is getting increasingly complex. This leads to difficulties in monitoring the related costs, not to mention how difficult it is to secure the systems while the importance of information security and privacy is  constantly growing. This all leads to the fact that the need for knowledge, how to maintain the knowledge and how to keep the costs in balance is time consuming.

How do we solve the problem?

You don’t have to and you should not have to resolve these issues alone. We have regular discussions and workshops with our customers where we dig deeper into the challenges and help the customers to solve complex or time consuming entities. Using our competence together we focus on what is a relevant solution today and how it reflects into the future. For the past 20 years we have been collaborating with hundreds of companies and their IT staff. Let us discuss and find together a way to make your life easier.

The story behind our services

We are the best experts in the technologies we provide. Our way of thinking is to constantly challenge ourselves both professionally and as a company. We want to develop our services and solutions as well as our competence throughout the whole organization. We bring automation where it is suitable. Our mission is to make things right from the start using all the right solutions, the proper technologies and the best experts. We want to be a trusted long-term partner to all our customers. Now – and in the future.

What Makes Us Different?


Our team has worked as a unit for years and every single team member understands his or her role and strengths. We deliver what we promise. In our vision our experts are and will stay as the top tier in his or her own expertise so we invest in our human capital by constant education.


Our customers can rest assured that they can focus on their core business built on a secure and a user-friendly environment. The costs of the used services are better predictable and flexible during the lifespan of the services. We continuously develop our services to provide the best possible service for our clients.


While the workload rapidly spreads across multiple cloud platforms it is important that the chosen IT service supplier is backing you up on these treks. We develop our knowledge and services in multi-cloud environments.

Vendor relationships

Alpit Nordic maintains a good and close relationship with chosen technology vendors. A good vendor relationship brings our customers to the frontline in new technologies and services.